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To Whom It May Concern,

Support letter for "The Tales of Samantha Skunk" and "The Tale of Rollie Robin".

Colebrook Academy Key Club presented "The Tale of Samantha Skunk" in Colebrook and Stewartstown Schools and "The Tale of Rollie Robin" in Colebrook. The teachers at both elementary schools were pleased with these presentations, Rollie Robin teaches healthy eating and exercise habits with materials to support a "mini-course" in making positive decisions towards a healthy life style. Samantha Skunk's focus is smoking prevention. Key Club (the world's largest high school service organization) initiated these programs. The students received a grant with the help of our local hospital in support of materials for these events.

The programs include storybooks for each elementary students to take home. This encourages reading as well as healthy choices. The stories are well written for young students to understand. The high school students enjoyed reading and animating the stories. Both programs include costumes along with other supporting materials to help with the presentations.

Professor Scott, the creator of both Samantha Skunk and Rollie Robin, stopped by to consult with me (the student's Key Club advisor) concerning both programs. He gave suggestions as how to present both programs and asked if we had any questions.

Colebrook Academy Key Club won numerous awards for these presentations. Parents' and teachers' positive comments helped the students to place at New England District of Key Club Conference (DCON) and Key Club International Conference (ICON). The Key Club's presentation of Samantha Skunk placed first at DCON and first place at ICON in 2006. The students Rollie Robin event placed first at DCON and third at ICON in 2007. Putting the awards aside, the high school students who presented Rollie Robin and Samantha Skunk felt they taught the young children and themselves (an unexpected outcome) to make positive choices.

Both programs, "The Tale of Samantha Skunk" and "The Tale of Rollie Robin" are well planned and easy to present. Whenever high school students mentor younger students it helps to improve their self-esteem. Colebrook Academy Key Club is planning on presenting these programs again in the near future.


Lindy S. Falconer
Colebrook Academy Key Club Advisor

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