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June 27, 2005

William Scott
163 Berry River Road
Barrington, NH 03825

Dear Mr. Scott

I am writing to you to commend your obesity prevention program “Rollie Robin”. This program has been succesful in Sanford in teaching youths about the importance of exercise (“play”) and healthy eating.

This program has also served as a project for our youth advocacy project Junior Leaders Club. The junior high students have gained a greater perspective while learning the script. In addition, they have changed their outlook on their eating and physical activity habits. One student pointed out how important it is for them to set a
good example for the younger students.

Like Samantha Skunk, the essential element of this program in student participation. The audience in actively engaged by the various characters. The younger students are introduced to the healthy eating aspect through the cheer “Healthy Eating, Lots of Play! Make Healthy Choices Every Day!” The portion in the story regarding the food pyramid is a great reinforcement to current health education curriculum.

In addition, this program involves positive in-class follow-up with the teachers. Students are able to put their new found knowledge into practice through family activities and healthier food choices.

Thank you for your technical support during our Rollie Robin campaign!

Brenna L. Havilland
Youth Outreach Coordinator

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